Introducing Textrude - using Scriban to generate code from data

Textrude Interactive prototyping GUI

Textrude features

A quick example

disk error, hard-disk is faulty — save your work at once!
keyboard stuck, press F1 to reboot
faulty touchscreen, please recalibrate the display
/* Built 18 Jan 2021 on machine BUILDSERVER_5 */public static class SystemErrors

public const string DiskError =
“hard-disk is faulty — save your work at once!”;

public const string KeyboardStuck =
“press F1 to reboot”;

public const string FaultyTouchscreen =
“please recalibrate the display”;

/* Built {{}} on {{env.COMPUTERNAME}} */
public static class SystemErrors
{{for row in model}}
public const string {{row.Id | humanizr.pascalize}} =
“{{row.Text | string.strip}}”;

TextrudeInteractive for quick prototyping





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